Vegetable Seed Trials


The entire vegetable seed trials process includes geographic targeting, systematic seed selection, planting and growing, harvesting and then analysis of results.    Testing is also further enhanced by using the same seeds in different geographic areas in China that have different climate zones and different planting seasons.  The trial cycle for some varieties may take more than one year.

The testing process starts with collecting specifications from Chinese end users in different geographic areas.  We analyze and match these requirements to specific varieties of seed that are currently available in the United States. U.S. seed suppliers provide samples to test or if greater quantities are required, we directly purchase the necessary amounts.

Vegetable Seed Selection

Farms for initial seed trials are identified through a systematic process by our management team.  As most farms have their own trial areas located adjacent to their production farm land, there are not many obstacles to overcome to achieve new farms to test new seeds. Growers purchase the necessary amount of seeds directly from us and plant them next to their existing vegetable seed varieties. The limited quantities used during the testing phase do not significantly impact these farms’ current production and provide the best environment to achieve maximum comparable results.  In the event that the selected vegetable seed varieties do not yield equivalent or better results than the growers’ existing vegetable seed varieties, the trials process may start over with a different vegetable seed variety that has either been proven in a different region or the grower may receive reimbursement from our company when yield and performance are affected by no fault of the grower on their own.  Since U.S. vegetable seeds are being introduced to China, the possibility always exists that tested varieties will not live up to current expectations due to the different environment they are being tested in.