Sales Operations


Seed Sales

Our seed sales operations are focused on:


  • Distributors
  • Dealers
  •  Brokers
  • Growers / end users

Seed sales are primarily conducted through our growing network of distributors, dealers and brokers in China. Sales are completed through traditional purchasing and invoicing procedures.  Price, terms of sale, trade credits and payment terms are completed on a case-by-case basis.

Typical arrangements with distributors:

  • No right of return

Typical arrangements for dealers /  end users / customers:

  • Payment in full within 60 days of the date of shipment.

Client credit policies are determined based upon the long-term nature of the relationship with the customer and end users. Credit limits are established for individual customers based on historical collection experience, current economic and market conditions and a review of the current status of each customer’s trade accounts receivables. In certain instances such as shortage of supply in the industry, typical “payment in advance” procedures are used and followed.

Our philosophy of focusing “locally” is based on our internal process of selling through dealers and distributors to penetrate secluded areas.  This enables us to reach growers in areas where there are geographic or other constraints on direct sales efforts.

Seed and Vegetable Dealer and Distributor Selection:

  • Dealers and distributors are selected based on shared vision, technical expertise, local market knowledge and financial stability.
  • In any particular area, we limit the number of dealers with whom we have relationships with. This enables us to  increase dealer/distributor loyalty through our emphasis on providing excellent service, increased access to breeders, ongoing training and promotional material support.

We continually focus on increasing our national brand and reputation by participating in national seed shows in China several times a year.